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Deferred Interest Program

Do you know how CFNA's 6-Months Promotional Credit Plan works? Check out our video to learn what it means to finance your purchases with CFNA.

CFNA offers a 6-month deferred interest credit program for purchase of 149 or more. That means you can purchase today and pay over the next 6 months and you won't pay interest charges. That is as long as you pay off your balance within 6 months.

This is not the same as cash offer. On-time minimum monthly payments are required during the 6-month promotional period. It's simple. Pay off your promotional balance within 6-months and you won't get charged interest.

If you can't pay off your promotional balance, you will have to pay the interest from day one of your qualifying purchase. So, if you want to avoid paying that deferred interest, it's important to pay off your promotional balance within 6-months.

Need help servicing your vehicle?

CFNA makes it super easy to manage all of your car, truck, and RV expenses on one card!

  • Promotional financing on purchases $149 and up
  • No annual fee for all cardholders
  • Low monthly payments that fit your budget
  • Accepted nationwide at thousands of retailers
  • 24/7 secure online account access
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