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DIY vs. Professional help with your car

Which approach is right for you?

You can learn almost anything online these days, including how to fix or build a car. But, should you follow a YouTube tutorial to fix yours? What's the difference between taking a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach versus having a professional repair your vehicle? Both have pros and cons that depend on cost, time, and your skill set. Below are some points to consider when deciding which auto maintenance option is better for you and your vehicle.

Saving time and money

Buying parts and completing car maintenance and repairs yourself could definitely save you some money and even a little time. A DIY approach means you won't sit in an auto shop waiting room for hours, and you get to control when you're without your ride.

On the other hand, if you don't have vehicle maintenance or repair experience, the job may take you longer than a certified technician. And don't forget, a botched repair could also mean a lot more time and money in the long run.

Mechanic shops invest in equipment, insurance, and facility maintenance. They also hire skilled workers and invest in their employees with training and compensation. Sure, that overhead and cost of labor gets passed on to the customer, but the job comes with assurances of quality that you may not be able to give yourself.

Focus on what you can do with confidence

Simple vehicle maintenance may be something you can do in your sleep. Most of us can easily learn how to change windshield wipers, add fluids, or change lights without technical skills. As you get deeper under the hood, however, mistakes could snowball and affect other areas of the vehicle. When in doubt, let professional mechanics handle the problem.

Don't troubleshoot unusual sounds, vibrations, or deviations from normal car performance on your own, and don't rely on trial and error when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. Get it checked out immediately by a professional to prevent more problems.

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Professional establishments have trained experts and high-tech equipment for an accurate diagnosis. Your inexperience could lead to misdiagnosing the problem or buying the wrong parts.

DIY vs. Professional help

Being an expert video watcher doesn't certify you to handle every aspect of DIY auto, especially for issues beyond regular maintenance. If you're still unsure, or it's beyond your scope of regular maintenance, leave it to the experts.

DIY isn't the only way you can take control of your car repairs. Credit First National Association offers financing that can help you budget your repairs and maintain the health of your vehicle through professional service. Contact us today to learn more about how we help you afford auto repairs and maintenance.

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