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The Importance of Automotive Transmission Flushes

How to properly maintain your car's transmission

When transmissions fail, the cost of repairs is often high. An expensive diagnostic process must be completed before it's even possible to know whether a basic repair or a complete replacement is necessary. Very minor repairs will typically exceed $500, and major replacements can cost several thousand dollars. Following the routine maintenance schedule for transmission flushes can save you from a transmission disaster.

Why transmission repairs and flushes cost so much

Transmission repairs are an expensive part of auto maintenance. According to the Transmission Repair Cost Guide, the average transmission replacement costs between $1800 and $3400. Unfortunately, these costs are necessary and should not be ignored or unattended.

Working on transmissions requires several years of specialized mechanic experience in order to properly diagnose and fix issues. Because of this, there are a few reasons why transmission repairs are so expensive:

  • The complexity of transmission systems
  • The large number of individual parts within transmission systems
  • Little room for failure without causing additional damage to other automotive parts
  • The digital computing components in modern transmission systems, which are more expensive to replace

A few other factors may influence the cost of transmission repairs. For example, manual transmissions are generally cheaper to repair than automatic transmissions. Older cars and certain makes might require more expensive repairs due to the difficulty of sourcing specialized transmission parts. The exact cost of transmissions repairs will vary based on your specific car.

What does a transmission flush accomplish?

One way to minimize the need for entire transmission replacements is with attentive care of your car's transmission systems. Transmission flushes are important in managing the long-term safety and proper functioning of your car.

The purpose of a transmission flush is to remove old transmission fluid from a motor vehicle and replace it with newer fluid. A transmission flush is similar to a transmission fluid change or drain in that dirty fluids are replaced within your transmission system. However, transmission flushes remove almost all of the dirty fluid, while fluid changes may leave some behind in the torque converter and fluid lines.

Transmission flushes are a more expensive but comprehensive car maintenance expense. Getting a transmission flush offers benefits such as:

  • Reduced stress on the entire transmission system
  • Removed residue from several parts, including converters, coolers and cooler lines
  • Improved overall engine efficiency
  • A new transmission filter
Auto repair credit cards can help

Auto repair credit cards with deferred interest can help pay for a transmission flush. With a deferred interest program, you have the financial flexibility to manage unexpected emergency expenses without having to pay the entire cost upfront.

Credit First National Association provides a range of auto repair credit cards that can help you cover the costs of a transmission flush or similar services. To learn more about automotive care best practices and strategies for financing repairs, contact us today.

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