Credit Card Agreement

The card member agreement provides the terms and conditions of a CFNA's credit card account. The agreement explains how the account works and your obligations in relation to the account.

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Federal Privacy Notice

The Federal Privacy Notice explains how CFNA shares nonpublic personal information with affiliates and non-affiliates. As a customer, you can limit the sharing of your information under certain conditions. The Notice explains those rights and how to opt-out of sharing nonpublic personal information.

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Cookie Policy

The CFNA Cookie Policy explains what cookies we use to enhance your user experience. Learn more about how cookies are used on our website and how to manage them.

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Privacy and Use of This Website

Privacy and Use of This Website explains how CFNA collects and uses your information.

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Electronic Communications Consent

By agreeing to the Electronic Communications Consent Agreement, you will digitally receive the latest information regarding your credit card account. Sign up today for instant information about the CFNA program delivered right to your inbox.

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Six Month Promotional Financing Plan Disclosure

The disclosure explains the terms and conditions related to the Six Month Deferred Interest Promotional Financing Plan. The qualifying purchase amount, Annual Percentage Rate after the six month delay period, payment requirements, and payment applications are outlined in the disclosure.

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California Financial Information Privacy Act

The California Financial Information Privacy Act provides consumers notice and meaningful choices about how their nonpublic personal information is shared by their financial institution(s).

California Financial Information Privacy Act Notice and Opt Out

The California Financial Information Privacy Act Notice applies to California Residents. The California Financial Privacy Act allows you to restrict the sharing of personal and financial information with CFNA's affiliates and outside companies CFNA does business with.

The Read More link provides you with a form to opt out of sharing your personal and financial information.

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California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) applies to California residents. CFNA's CCPA Policy explains what data CFNA collects and how it is used, and your "Right to Know" and "Right to Delete" personal information.

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California Consumer Privacy Act – Rights Request

The Read More link allows you to exercise your "Right to Know" the categories of data CFNA collects, "Right to Know" the specific personal information CFNA has collected, and/or the "Right to Delete" personal information by completing the online request form.

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