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Promotional Credit Plan

If the purchase balance is not paid in full within 6 months,
interest will be imposed from the date of purchase as described herein.
Private Label credit card Annual Percentage Rate ("APR"): 29.99%
Mastercard credit card Annual Percentage Rate ("Mastercard APR"): 26.24%
  • The Mastercard APR is variable and is subject to change as set forth in the Credit Card Agreement and/or Pricing Information. The Mastercard APR will not exceed 29.99%
  • The Mastercard APR reflected above was effective as of February 1, 2023. The APR may have changed. To find out the current APR, please write us at: Credit First National Association, Customer Service, P.O. Box 81315, Cleveland, Ohio 44181-0315.
Qualifying Purchases

Each individual purchase transaction of $149 or greater (each a "Qualifying Purchase(s)") made with your Credit First National Association ("CFNA") credit card at participating retailers will qualify for repayment under this Promotional Credit Plan as further described below.


THIS PROMOTIONAL CREDIT PLAN WILL REQUIRE MINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENTS. The minimum monthly payment required is based on your New Balance, including Promotional Credit Plan Purchases ("Qualifying Purchases") and other purchases, as indicated on your monthly Billing Statement.

Application of Payments

CFNA will apply your payments in accordance with the terms and conditions of your Credit Card Agreement; provided however, when a payment is received during the two "Billing Cycles" (as such term is defined in your Credit Card Agreement) immediately preceding the expiration of a Promotional Credit Plan, we will apply any amount in excess of your required minimum payment to the expiring Promotional Credit Plan balance first. If multiple Promotional Credit Plan balances become due during the same Billing Cycle, we will apply any amount in excess of your required minimum payment to the Promotional Credit Plan balances in order, from oldest to newest based on the purchase date.

Calculating Interest Charges

During the Delay Period we will calculate periodic Interest Charges on your Six-Month Payment Purchases as a separate balance from your regular purchases.

Delay Period. The "Delay Period" for Promotional Credit Plan Purchases ("Qualifying Purchases") begins on the later of (a) the date you make a Qualifying Purchase or (b) the first day of the Billing Cycle in which the transaction posts to your Account. The Delay Period for a Qualifying Purchase ends on the sixth (6th) Statement Closing Date after a Qualifying Purchase posts to your Account. Any unpaid balance of Qualifying Purchases at the end of the Delay Period is added to your Revolving Balance in the Billing Cycle that begins immediately after the Delay Period ends.

You will not owe us Interest Charges that accumulate on Qualifying Purchases during the Delay Period if we timely receive (a) the required Minimum Payment Due by its Payment Due Date for each Billing Cycle during the Delay Period and (b) the full amount of your Qualifying Purchases by the end of the Delay Period.

If we do not receive the full amount of a Qualifying Purchase by the end of the Delay Period, you will owe us Interest Charges and other fees, if any, that have accumulated for: (a) Qualifying Purchases during the Delay Period and (b) on Qualifying Purchases that were not paid off from the prior Billing Cycle. The Interest Charges may not immediately appear on your billing statement but will be charged in a subsequent billing period.

Your Statement will show each Promotional Credit Plan Purchase ("Qualifying Purchase") you make in any Billing Cycle.